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Title: Eccentric ex-pat Robert Allan, 62, wanted a car which would stand out from the crowd in the playboy’s paradise of Marbella
Author: Fraser Trevor
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. So he bought a silver Rolls-Royce for £200,000 and spent another £200,000 transforming it – with a purple, yellow and white paint job, ove...


So he bought a silver Rolls-Royce for £200,000 and spent another £200,000 transforming it – with a purple, yellow and white paint job, over-the-top interior and lashings of real GOLD.

Robert enlisted the help of prestige London car dealer SuperVettura and UK designer Pablo Rabiella to oversee the six-month overhaul on a car used, by the likes of Lord Alan Sugar and Simon Cowell.

But it is doubtful the multi-millionaire Apprentice and X Factor stars would turn up to an important business meeting in this Rolls-Royce.

Engineers and designers took the three-ton car and stripped its body before applying 18 layers of paint in three separate colours.

After the re-spray, which took a painstaking four months, the craftsmen started work on the interior and used 24 cowhides.

Robert, who is from England but has homes all over the world, had the car delivered in the past fortnight to his property in Marbella.

He said: ”I’ve owned a number of customised cars in the past and I wanted this to be the most extreme yet.

”The Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of the finest cars to travel in but I wanted to give it a bit more of an edge and make it look like nothing seen on the roads before.

”I’m delighted with how it’s turned out.”

Tommy Wareham, managing director of SuperVettura, said: ”We know Robert very well and know he likes a bit of colour on his cars so we were more than happy to work with him on this project.

”We used the highest quality hides, the gold you see is all real gold, triple layers of paints with metal flakes and 18 layers of lacquer which was polished over and over again during application, the time spent on the car was epic.

”I believe this is the most highly modified Phantom in the world, no expense was spared.”

Once the vehicle was finished Mr Wareham then had the enviable task of driving the £400,000 Rolls-Royce the 1,500 mile route from London to Marbella.

He added: ”Most people who saw the car in the UK assumed it was owned by a wealthy Middle-Eastern businessman over here for the summer.

”So they’re always surprised to find it’s owned by British chap who has lived in the south of England for many years.

”He has homes across the world but spends a great deal of time in Marbella where there are plenty of eccentric people with flash cars – the car is very much at home!”


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