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Title: Marbella has given a renewed vote of confidence Angeles Muñoz.
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Marbella has given a renewed vote of confidence Angeles Muñoz. The Popular Party mayor yesterday successfully defended the majority that has...

Marbella has given a renewed vote of confidence Angeles Muñoz. The Popular Party mayor yesterday successfully defended the majority that has ruled since 2007 and has done so with a slightly higher percentage of votes that year to above 50 percent, but loses a mayor in the allocation of seats. In an election that escaped the general trend of increased participation, Marbella abstention rose 5 percent, the PSOE has sunk into votes and council, and will have three seats less in the plenary hall.

The big news of this election is the entrance Sampedreña Option (PSO), which manages to break into the City with three councilors and the United Left moves as the third political force. This training, however, improves the results of four years and get a mayor more.

The two major parties have been most affected by abstaining, to lose more than a thousand votes PP and PSOE, more than four thousand. Before them, OSP gets double the votes of 2007, when he ran to the door to get a mayor, and United Left improved slightly.

Four years after the recovery of democratic normalcy in the City and economic hardship that has prevented its management were translated into a poorly functioning municipal administration, Ángeles Muñoz has managed to win back the trust of the residents of Marbella. It has done so exhibiting the achievements of his administration and with the promise that the worst is behind us.

The mayor, who will be elected by the full establishment of the new corporation to be held on June 11, he raised the election as a referendum on his work during these four years. He did virtually the same team (eleven of whom were repeat its 16 councilors and also includes two people from his team and an area director), with a speech by a marked continuity in management and a highly focused campaign in Fig. The strategy devised by the PP seemed to be based on the premise that even in sectors where the party can not reach, it can do the charisma of Ángeles Muñoz. The candidate made a campaign much like four years ago, touring the neighborhoods one by one, meeting with associations and groups, with the endorsement of the achievements, adoption of the General Plan, recovery of the image of Marbella, institutional normality, and a speech highly critical of the Junta de Andalucía and central government, whom they accuse of having abandoned Marbella and financially exhausted. Has been strengthened and a political endeavor that transcends the boundaries of the municipality, although the argument repeated during the election campaign was his commitment to complete the term until 2015. It is difficult to imagine what might happen next.

The PSOE is facing a new electoral failure. Since 1991, when Francisco Parra left the City Council to give the chair of Mayor Jesus Gil, the Socialists fail to get a foothold in the city. Although they have won some regional and general elections, do not give a mayoral candidate who successfully do battle in a city. After the fiasco of García Marcos, in 2007 they tried to Paulino Plata, which garnered a resounding failure. This year opted for Jose Bernal, a candidate who had a diametrically opposite profile but has won four thousand votes less than its predecessor.

Next to Angeles Muñoz, OSP is the big winner of this election. With nearly 4,500 votes and three aldermen already part of the political landscape. Are to a result that exceeds the most optimistic forecasts. Izquierda Unida has established in the municipality, but the weakness of the PSOE and its own difficulties that can impede growth become a decisive force. UPyD and political experiment led by the Socialist exedil Antonio Martín (IMA + S) have not received sufficient support and have been very far from achieving representation.


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